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As the leading social media dashboard company, our corporate and community sponsorships showcase our newest products and services, drive new business opportunities and keep our customers connected to HootSuite and our brand. Through these sponsorships, we deliver exclusive experiences to our customers and provide opportunities to interact with our revolutionary technology in unique and exciting ways.

Corporate vs. Community

If you’re not sure whether you should be applying for corporate or community sponsorship, you’re not alone. HootSuite receives many requests for support in both categories. To determine which program is the best fit for your organization or event, refer to the table below:

HootSuite corporate sponsorships strategically align to our business priorities and marketing strategies. Currently HootSuite will only consider corporate sponsorships that provide HootSuite speaking, panel and/or workshop opportunities.

The links below will take you to another web page where you can tell us all about your sponsorship opportunity in our online application. Sponsorship requests will be short-listed based on the online application form only, so be sure to include as much information as possible. If your application is short-listed, we will request additional information such as your sponsorship proposal document to help make our final decision.

Corporate Sponsorship Application Corporate Sponsorship Application

Sponsorship requests must be received a minimum of three months before the event/program date.

Sponsorship Approval

Your corporate sponsorship application is reviewed by our Marketing & Communications team. Your community sponsorship is reviewed by our Community team. All applicants will be notified of the decision by email.


For questions, please email:

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Speaking Engagements

HootSuite truly enjoys sharing our experience and knowledge about social media, entrepreneurship, community-building and software development with audiences around the world. Please reach out to us if you’d like HootSuite to speak about our products or services, our industry, or to be a guest on your radio show, podcast, TV show, webinar, or be a guest speaker at your live event.

Please take a few moments to complete our application form so we can understand your needs, expectation and logistical details. We’ll take a close look to see if there is a fit.

Apply now


Speaking engagement requests must be received a minimum of eight weeks before the event/program dateRequests for executives of our Leadership team require a minimum of three months lead-time.

Application Review Process

Your application is reviewed by our Corporate Communications team along with the proposed speaker. All applicants will be notified of the decision by email. Once we have agreed upon the details, we will provide you with suggested title, description, and a headshot and bio of the speaker.


For questions, please email:

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HootUp In Your ‘Hood

HootSuite believes social media isn’t about replacing the “offline world”, but about enhancing it. Social media tools are used to meet new people, share ideas, and connect in new ways. Which is why we encourage HootUps – a fun way to widen your network, discuss your experience with HootSuite, share our culture, and enjoy good times!

What is a HootUp?

Similar to MeetUps or TweetUps, HootUps are casual, free events organized by HootSuite users around the world. These events are a great opportunity for HootSuite users to bridge their online and offline worlds.

Attendees share experiences, network, discuss social media best practices, and get some HootSuite swag in a fun and relaxed environment. As an organizer, it’s a great way to draw attention to the unique ways you use social media both personally and professionally. HootUps are organized by you, the fans and users, and although not directly coordinated by HootSuite, we provide support to organizers with advice, promotion, and swag.

Let’s HootUp

Inspired by the growing popularity of HootUps, we’ve put together a collection of resources and successes.

Apply to Host a HootUp

Don’t forget to follow us at @HootUp and join the HootClub for info and announcements. Let the good times roll!

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